HZGD-168 | Having an affair with his wife’s friend | Jav Streaming

The film is Jav Streaming about a young husband’s secret love affair with his wife’s friend. On a beautiful day, there are 3 people living in the same house, the young wife has to go away on business for a few days and at home is only her husband and his wife’s friends. The two quickly found each other and began a secret love affair while the wife was away. They have fucked on the sofa, living together comfortably, without clothes at home. They make love to each other so passionately, it’s stealthy so it has something really attractive, stimulating us. The wife’s friend took care of her husband on her behalf, making him happy every day and didn’t forget to catch the thick and white sperm that shot deep into her vulva. By the time the young wife returned, the two were still secretly making love, they had become lustful lovers.

Date: February 20, 2023